19 January 2009

hope and change

as a non Obama supporter I speak out on hope and change.I hope that all the men and women who are swooning over Obama would change your panties.it's not good hygeine to stay in soiled undergarments.and quite frankly it's starting to smell(fishy swah).this call goes out especially to chris Matthews,who has been having multiple O-basms for month's now.I predict that tomorrows inauguration is going to be modeled after the sixties Woodstock.orgies and O-basm's for everyone.someone is going to have a hell of a mess to clean.I'm sure there will be plenty of simple green and bio degradable Wipies to go around.

update:breaking news ! there are now available Obama thongs ! for those who are ├╝ber patriotic.you can make all your Obama fantasies cum true with these bad boys on.but you gotta hurry time is running out fast for you to get yours.please don't let a good O-basm go to waste.

I'm now reminded of a joke,it involved Hillary Clinton,but I'll substitute michelle Obama.right before the obama's were to take the stage at the inauguration.michelle ran into the bathroom and shaved herself bald.after obama's speech he asked michelle to say a few words to the crowd.as michelle approached the podium she lifted her skirt and shouted...
READ MY LIPS,NO MORE BUSH!!!...and the crowd went wild.

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