03 March 2009


blah, blah, blah. poor Palestine. everybody feel sorry for palestine. the gaza strip is in ruins because of evil Israel. yup, it's all Israel's fault for everything that is happening in the middle east. much like it is geaotge W. bush's fault for, well, everything else. I am pro Israel, I am a Christian. their god and my god are the same. but even putting that aside, I am still pro Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah have been launching thousands of rockets into Israel for decades now. not a single day goes by without one. now we have Hillary Clinton asking Israel to help stop the violence and make peace with the palestine.

I have a few problems with that. Israel does not have a problem with the " Palestinians", but with Hamas and Hezbollah. it is not Israel attacking them, but rather the opposite. Israel has already given up most if not all of it's territory, save Jerusalem itself in prior " peace deals". Palestine does not want peace, it wants Israel gone. period!.

the word "bi-partisan" comes to mind. well, liberal bi-partisanship. Palestine says how it's going to be, and Israel has to accept it. if not, then they are made to be wrong, obstructionists. they don't want peace, they are the ones getting in the way of peace. anyway, here is Clinton telling Israel that they need to get on board with things. she also says that the US is giving some 300 million in aid to Palestine, along with 500 million from the UN, and 1 billion from, oh, I forgot. but my point is, all this " aid to Palestine, to help rebils the gaza strip because it's destroyed and not a single penny goes to Israel?. are they not our ally?,. freaking A, we help rebuild countries that we fought against in wars, and we have no "aid" for our own allies. that is utter BS. giving monetary aid to the " responsible" Palestinians is like giving aid to the reponsible mexicans. the corrupt leaders take it, and it never gets to where it is intended to go. to help those it was intended to help.

and who are these " responsible" Palestinians anyway?. where are they, what are they doing to help stop the violence?.but chris, their scared,if they say or do anything they will be killed by Hamas or Hezbollah. what can they do?. so then, why are we NOT backing Israel?. does anyone with a brain think that iaraelis like living the way they do?. hoping today isn't the day they die from a rocket out of Palestine.

this is the same scenario we had in Iraq. the people were slow to help us because last time we left them hanging. America promised support, and we renegged on that promise. leaving saddam Hussein to commit all the atrocities he and his sons did. he'll yeah, I would be reluctant to help. but thank god , bush kept his word to the iraqi people, and now they have true freedom. yes, we did WIN the war!!!. it's the same thing all over and over again. American leaders must choose to see right and wrong, good and evil, and not get it twisted. you want peace in the middle east, then go after the ones that destroy peace. you want a stable government in Mexico, so that it's violence will stop pouring into American cities. then go after those who destroy such things.

it was said somewhere to have peace, is to prepare for war. well, something like that. all I know is the "abscence" of war does not mean peace. is America to be "peace keepers" or "peace makers"?. a peace keeper refuses to see a wrong, and therefore does nothing to fix it. a peace maker, sees the wrongs, and fixes them. this is a nation under god, our constitution was founded on godly principles, one being that all men were created equal. and all deserve to be free.

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