02 March 2009

missile defense-less

an "un-intended consequence" of the Iraq war was the uncovering of the worlds biggest conspiracy against this country. sadly enough, we never hear anything about it. you would think that finding out that France, Germany, Russia ,and china were all in bed with Iraq and funding terrorist activities through the oil for food program would have been headline news.

now we have Obama talking with Russia about not putting missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech republic. was it only last year that the KGB, led by Putin,rolled his army into georgia attempting to put it back under KGB control so that he can control the oil. not to get off topic but we did find WMD's in Iraq, they were shipped to..you guessed it, Russia. but because of "strained relations", gee, I wonder what strained it, bush kept silent about the whole deal.

the missile defense systems that we were to put in those two countries were for our defense as well as poland, the czech republics, and Georgia's. Putin is as deranged as abombinadinnerjacket. and obama's looking to him for help with Iran?. but Iran is such a small country, it poses no threat at all. remember, you member. is there no limit to this administration's naïveté?. diplomacy doesn't work with these people, hello 19 UN resolutions didn't help with Iraq, diplomacy is not working with north korea,russia, and it won't work with Iran. it hasn't worked with Iran. hello, is this thing on, asking Putin to help with Iran, is like asking the wolf to guard the henhouse.

people, we are in some serious deep doodoo.

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