06 March 2009


Obama,yesterday, in one of his many addresses to the nation was quoted as saying "everything is on the table, nothing will be left out. there will be no sacred cows". this was said about his health care plan. update: the only things not on the table are privatized health care accounts. in which a person can have his or her salaries taxes and put into a special savings account, and used when needed. and if a person takes care of themselves and the money is left in there, they can withdraw from it without penalties. oh, and just leaving it alone completely. the "sky rocketing" prices are because of government intrusion. if they get out of the "healthcare" business, prices will adjust to a more normal rate.

on a side note, president Obama still can't give a speach, any speach, no matter the size, without the use of a tele-prompter. and he's supposed to be the smartest president ever. for all the garbage that was said about bush being stupid, at least he could give a speach without the use of a tele-prompter. this guy is no genius. a good reader, but no genius.

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