15 March 2009

hindsight is 20/20 !

as my wife walked by, my "hindsight" was 20/20 as i zeroed in on her bum and smacked that bootie!. lol, i'm just playing, that's not my real blog.

i realized something the other night while listening to some music. even back in the 80's music was "politically charged". i see now, and understand now, how totally ignorant i was, as i willfully, and happilly sang these "politically charged" songs. i was singing mantra, and propaganda and didn't even know it. the kids of today are doing the same thing. reciting words and phrases that they know nothing about, and will never take time to find out. if their favorite group sings it, it must be true. this was me. don't get me wrong, i am not an all or nothing kind of guy. i still "listen" to some of my old bands. the music was always the best part, i learned the melody of the songs way before i learned the lyrics. i never understood then, but i do now, words have "meanings", and i can no longer "willfully and happilly" recite certain songs i used to, and in some cases still do like. does that make me a hypocrite, or just a lover of my music?. nastalgia runs deep.

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