05 March 2009

women, worthless ?

every time I hear of some girl or woman stay with a man that abuses them, because they " love him". I ask myself, why?. why do women devalue themselves so much. some stay out of fear for their life, which is legit, but in the end only prolongs the inevitable. can someone help me out here, because " I love him" is such as lame ass excuse to stay with someone who abuses you. is it something that is bred into women, is it part of their gene code, an anomaly that can't be explained. women have willingly degraded themselves for money for millenia now. yes, I think prostitution is degrading to women. to soil yourself with the emission of strangers does not give you any value. in the old days, I'm talikng biblical time, I could see it as necessary for some. women at that time actually were worthless. they had less value than animals. now young, cute pre-teen girls with their virginty were worth something. but only to the old perverts that wanted what was between their legs. they would be sold off to these pervs by their own fathers. but this isn't that time, and yet we still have women that believe they have no value. the oldest profession in the world has been "glamourized" as well as "legitamized" and is a multi billion dollar industry. women getting paid to degrade themselves on film, for the world to watch. what has happened to the real feminists, the ones that truly believed in equality of the sexes. todays young women need some good role models to teach them how to value themselves. because seeing another little girl like rihanna stay with a piece of trash like chris brown because she " loves him" is sad. what else is sad, is sorry SOB's like will smith and others that defend him, and trivialize what he has done. chris brown should be in jail, waiting to be tried for attemted murder. not running around in the streets free as a bird. when did beating and choking a person until unconscious, stop being a crime?. it is still, very much a "man's world".

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