12 March 2009

legalize this !

I wrote a tweet about taxing the money sent to Mexico by illegal aliens in this country. a reader "suggested" that America legalize drugs instead, because everybody uses drugs. this is my answer. because I don't want America becoming like Mexico and having the frug cartels running this country. I like my streets without lopped off heads rolling down them. this my be culturally acceptable in Mexico, but not here. to legalize drugs would only sanction money laundering, with the government getting a cut. making a criminal an upright citizen by "default" is also not acceptable. but why stop with just drugs, let's legalize prostitution across America. make them pay their fair share also. I'm sure they would love to walk the streets without fear of getting arrested. ah hell, I'm already going down this road anyway. let's just chuck everything and become a totally hedonistic society where nothing is "illegal", everything is good. when this accomplished there will be more demonization of anything or anyone.

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