08 March 2009

operation chaos: the revenge

this past election we (republicans) had our candidate picked by the democrat party and the MSM. it was then that rush limbaugh came up with " operation: chaos". it's sole purpose was to " bloody up" the democrat candidates, Clinton and Obama, and to keep hillary in the running. it worked flawlessly, Clinton was brought up things that wussy mcain wouldn't.

every day Emmanuel has a conference call with old Clinton hacks begala, carville, and stephenopulous. they came up with the idea of flipping the script back on rush. now democrats have no foundation other than power, and how to get it and keep it. everything they do is " poll" driven. by throwing ideas up in the air, and seeing if they fly. or in this case with rush, throwing an accusation against the wall, and seenig if it sticks. yes, Obama is practicing alinsky tactics. but this is a fight he absolutely has no chance of winning. so why do it?. enter "operation: chaos- the revenge". this has nothing to do with "marginalizing" rush, that is impossible to do. he is who he is, and he is not a member, let alone the leader of the republican party. there is less than two years until mid- term elections. Obama is sucking ass, and what policies he has put in place are showing him to be the radical leftist that he is. the only thing keeping his "approvall numbers" high is the MSM, who are keeping him afloat. but I digress.

now, the revenge works in the same manner as the original operation. to have republicans bloody each other up trying to ascend to the "leader" of the party. while doing this, they have little to no focus on obama's policies, besides they're bad for America. not a very good objection. it makes them look small and petty, with no real alternative. rush's original plan worked flawlessly, the only reason we didn't get the candidate of our choice was mcain. in the end it hinged upon him doing his job and distinguishing himself and the republican party from Obama and democrats themselves. something that he was unwilling to do. so many Americans did not see any difference between him and Obama. democrats have no problem with showing the differences between parties. like they say, they won't let a good crisis go to waste.
and the only true crisis in America is in the republican party.

now there are some in the party that can articulate the difference between parties. the question is are they willing to get hammered by the MSM for doing it. gov palin spoke plainly, calling a spade a spade. her ONLY problem was, and still is, no support from her peers in her own party. a gutless and spineless bunch they are. the sooner "leadership" is restored to the republican party, the sooner we can get America back on the true road of freedom.

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