27 March 2009

lost souls

what hPpens to the person that empties themselves of their beliefs and morals ?. they become zombies, neither alive nor dead, wandering the earth Aimlessly waiting for someone to give them a reason to live. you see it all the time, a couple breaks up and one is devestated. they can't go on without the other person. they made that person their entire life. the sad part is this is done willingly. it is your morals and beliefs that protect your identity, who you are, what your worth. I say this because for decades now Christians have thrown aside who they are, and have become an entirely different creature. our freedoms have been systematically taken away from us, without even a whimper. and now we have notre dame a catholic school inviting president Obama to speak there. notre dames fundamental belief is in life. obama's fundamental belief is anti-life. abortion. 3 times Obama voted against "born alive, infant protection legislation", and is now considering rescinding the "conscious clause" for abortions. any doctor can say he will not perform an abortion because it goes against his conscious. if taken away, there will no longer be any choice. do it, or lose your license. it is a tradition at notre dame to invite presidents to speak. but what about your tradition of the sanctity of life. notre dame is risking to lose itself by emptying itself of it's morals and beliefs.

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