08 March 2009

tools of the trade

senators mcain and shelby are out on the circuit saying government should not have the power, let alone authority to determine which banks succeed and which ones fail. 473 banks received TARP money, many didn't ask for it. and are giving it back. they don't want the string that comes with the money. that being,government control over them. both mcain and shelby claim it is a backdoor access for government control. this is true, but TARP was only one "tool" for gaining this control. you also have universal healthcare. this will also be a way of deciding which companies fail or succeed. back in the nineties, Clinton was asked about "small businesses that. ouldnt afford to give their employees health insurance. she answered " then they shouldn't be in business".

it is not governments responsibility to run "healthcare", the "auto industry", "education", or the "energy department", the "banking system", or "wallstreet". yet this is what they are attempting to do. the American taxpayers are finally starting to show up, and voice their collective outcry against this growing and intrusive democrat government. and it's good to hear stuff like this from mcain, I just hope it's not mere rhetoric, and that the republican party in whole gets on board. the house republicans are already with us, we need todeal with the arrogant senators that are screwing us.

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