10 March 2009


is there still such a thing as an honest election?. can't my vote count just once. since prop13 way back when, I've seen the will of the people thwarted by activist lawyers and judges. overruling democracy based on their flawed ideals. I'm not asking for much, only that all votes be counted in this past mayoral election. last time I checked, the county clerck still had 46,000 provisional votes left uncounted. yet the race was given to villaraigosa. it is still numerically possible for a chance at a runoff between villaraigosa and walter Moore. out of the 46,000 Moore needs 13,000 more for him, and another 13,000 not for villaraigosa. this is possible, but however not plausible. nevertheless, we deserve to have ALL the votes counted. we los angelinos demand that all votes be counted. let the voters voices be heard!.

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