22 September 2008

America...downright mean country?

michelle Obama was quoted as saying "America is a downright mean country".is this true,or something only her and those of her ilk believe.if this were true,why then do so many people risk life and death to get here.why does this country(people),as whole give soo much of It's money,time,energy,and prayer for those who are not as prosperous as we are.why then after times of war,we help to rebuild.making friends out of enemies.the only mean people I see and hear from are democrats,Hollywood,and the music industry.you see them on t.v. Hear them on the radio spewing out lies,hatred and propaganda.attacking with such viciousness,it's hard to believe that there are so many still wanting to vote democrat.we are learning more everyday about Obama's thug like tactics.my question is...when is enough,enough.when will voters realize that Obama is not good for this country.

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