25 September 2008

bailout or cover-up

this is not a bailout of wallstreet,it is more a cover-up of the democrat fiasco.this is liberal policies at work.fannie mae/freddie mac were born in the nineties.the brain children of the clintons.the Clinton strong armed lendirs into loaning to people who couldn't pay back their loans.you know the American dream and all.well they couldn't pay these loans.so in stepped fannie and freddie to save the day.buying up bad mortgages.in 2003 bush tried to have these organizations overhauled,but was stopped by dodd,frank,and the rest of the dems.in 2005,mcain tryed to overhaul these same two organizations,and predicted that this would happen.he was stopped by the same people.you want to know who's to blame for this mess,all you have to do is take notice that there are no demands for heads to role.why not,because they are dem heads!.any time a republican pees wrong,the dems want them drummed out of congress.these are the major dem party players.chris dodd,barney frank(who are in charge of the oversight commitee of fannie/freddie.Barak Obama,frank raines,john Johnson(both bilked fannie/freddie out of hundreds of millions)something gorelick(bilked fannie out of millions)dodd,frank,Obama,Clinton received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from fannie/freddie.dodd being #1,Obama being #2.it was them that turned a blind eye while all this was going only yea and one more thing.this guy raines is obama cheif economic adviser.this is the guy that ran fannie mae into the ground in only six years.what did he get out of it $90,000,000.that's right 90mil severence pay.and that idiot Obama sticks his face in front of the camera and says "we must bail out the fat cats on wallstreet with such pay"sheesh,his cheif economic adviser was one of those fat cats.give me a break.dodd,frank and the rest of the gang demanding inquiries,they need to be thrown off this commitee.we have already seen what happens when the foxes are watching the hen house.

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