21 September 2008

celebutards and politics

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing from the latest Hollywood idiot to speak their political mind.drum role please...lindsey Lohan,yes lindsey Lohan.one of the few in Hollywood qualified to speak about politics.this is a person who's life and career is in complete dissaray.so much so,she had to become lesbian.just so she can be cool again,and try to restart her failed career.it didn't work,so now she has put her two cents worth of opinions in the presidential race.as we all know,in Hollywood it's cool to hate the president and republicans.much like all the other celebutards,they just don't get it.Obama and the democrat party don't really care about them.all they care about is their money.which is why Obama had no problem with hob-nobbing with the "beautiful people" of hollywod last week to the tune of 28,500$ a plate dinner,and 2500$ a ticket to see that old has been babs sing 4 songs.they raised 9,000,000$ that night.and Lohan wasn't even invited.guess she couldn't pony up the dough.instead she was dismissed by Obama,and told Thanks,but no thanks for her help.I guess Obama only accepts help from a-list actors who can afford the dinner and show ticket price,and not some never been,wanna be b-list actor with no career.but hey,he still wants your vote.

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