28 September 2008

my wife &the chicoms

my wife recently got a new job.after spending the last seven years as a stay at home mom***clearing throat*** I mean domestic engineer.***excuse me,umhuh*** I stand corrected,domestic goddess : ) she now works for the red Chinese.as a sales mana...goddess.their rules are very strict,and they enforce them harshly.they run this company,like they run their government.you don't ask no questions,you don't get out of line.the other day the girl that is training my wife wore flipflops to work.they were nice flipflops with studs in them,even.well,someone told someone,who told someone else,and the next thing you know.she had to be re-trained on H.R. Policies of the proper dresscode.my wife told me it is very cut-throat there,you know dog eat dog.never leave a lead open,if you do someone else will steal it.you know all her life my wife stayed out of the gangs,now she gets this job,and is now in a gang of three.she made a pact with these two other women,it was a blood in/blood out-band of sisters type of pact.anywho,other than working under communist sweatshop conditions,she likes her job.and if she's happy,I'm happy,I'm soo happy ; )

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