27 September 2008

myspace changed my life

a couple of years ago the buzz was all about myspace.the big question was always,do you have a myspace.I would answer,no,myspace is for sissy lala's.then all the kids at church started to get them,even my wife got one.I rode her hard for that.it was an un-ending,merciless verbal assault of humiliation.all she ever did was get on myspace.the house went to crap,we almost starved to death a couple of times.thank god for dominoes.then one day when she went out on a bingo trip,I spyed out her myspace.I had to know what all the hubub was about.needless to say I was sucked in by it's gravitational force,so I went with my tail between my legs and begged my wife to help me make a myspace.ands her attack was a merciless,and in-ending verbal assault of complete humiliation.lol.so now I have my new myspace,but it's stock.so I immediately go into he-man,neanderthal,tim Taylor mode.***grunting***I know what this Myspace needs...more power!!!.so embark on my quest to trick out my myspace.spending endless hours,all nighters most of the time.if you saw me,you thought I was part of the living dead.but I was a fighter and I persevered.so with Myspace conquered,soon got bored.there's only so much you can do them.so I turned my creative energies to blogging,and here I am now,speaking my thoughts on the internet.my original thought on the subject of blogging was " opinions are like @$$holes,everbody has one,and they all stink!".since then ive added, some more than others.you know what this blog needs...more power!!! Lol.

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