24 September 2008

clay aiken's gay!?!

amongst all the real news out.drudge found the time to let us all know that,yes,clay Aiken is gay.after five years of being hounded as a straight guy.he finally came out of the proverbial closet.he was quoted as saying "I want to teach my children that it is not right to lie.and that how he lives his life is between god and himself and no one else.well good for you clay.it must have. Sen hard for you to pretend to be gay for so long.maybe someone shoould have told you that it's cool to be gay in Hollywood.just ask lindsey lohan.I don't mean to pry but me thinks clay's coming out had a little to with a recent poll of people who watch and participate in the t.v. shows American idol and dancing with the stars.the polling question was simple.do you think daly Aiken is gay? 73% believed him to be straight.he couldn't have that. Ow,could he.

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