30 September 2008

derrick w. hutchins

derrick hutchins is a pastor in florida and s.carolina,of the "church of god in christ".he wrote an article in the oct. issue of charismalife.in this article he states why he is voting for obama.for space I will will do my best to shorten this list without taking from it's integrity.he starts his list with race,obama is black,so is he.this is most important.then he goes on to say poverty,housing,inadequate schools,the judicial system.being black,he walks hand in hand with obama,saying America is a nation of inequalities(America is still racist,mean and nasty).hutchins believes it is government's job to supply everyones needs.not the individual themselves.he also states that mcain voted against the federal marriage amendment,and against making MLK's birthday a national holiday.but says nothing about Obama voting three (3) times against the born alive infant protection act,while senator in the Illinois state senate.he goes on to say "don't get me wrong I am opposed to homosexuality and abortion,but god gave people the right to choose between good and evil".which is hypocritical,being that mcain voted against the "federal marriage amendment",stating that the states should have the right to decide on this issue.hutchins quotes scripture at the end:2 chronicles 7:14 if we pray and turn from our wicked ways,god will hear and heal this land,and forgive our sins.this guy has no idea of what he is saying.he chose to let his politics dictate his faith,rather than his faith dictate his politics.to support a man that is pro infanticide(worse than abortion alone),pro homosexual,hates america(attacking her,here and abroad),has terrorists as his friends,and mentors,does not believe in freedom of speech.reed the news,he has state D.A.'s and police chiefs arresting anyone who they believe has said a lie about obama,signs are banned from rallies.this guy is not even president,and yet these things are going on all around the country.he does not stand for america,never has,never will.putting obama in the white house will only exaserbate these problems,make them worse.do you know why unsaved people hate christians,because they hate GOD.it is god that says what they are doing is wrong.Christians are to be the lights of this world glorifying god in our bodies,speech,actions,and thoughts.we don't hate anyone,god doesn't hate anyone.hello,Jesus.the simple fact is people don't like to be shown,let alone told that what they do is wrong.so there is a deep resentment for Christians.because we represent god,and they hate god.all in all,this pastor is wrong in his beliefs,he set them aside to vote for a man just because of the color of his skin.


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