30 September 2008

this democrat led congress

aarrghh!!! I am so frustrated right now.this 9% aprroval rated congress led by the democrats just doesn't get it.they keep saying that the American people want them to do something about this mortgage issue.yes ,we do,we want you to stay out of it!.100-1 people want you to stay out.why in the world don't you listen.your smugness and arrogance have blinded you to reality.you don't know what is best for us,you could care less about us.the government is for the people,not against the people.last year it was amnesty,a couple of years ago it was dubai,now it is drilling our own oil,and this,mortgage issue.on all these things you were,and are against the will of the people.darnit,you work for us!.remember that.

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