20 September 2008

M.J. Making a comeback?

tmz has reported that michael Jackson is considering trying to make another comeback.well,it's your lucky day.I got some advice for you that will guarantee success.ok first mike,you got some nice pipes,but thats not your problem.you see,you're not living in reality.you have to come back to reality,neverland might be a nice place to visit,but you never should have stayed.I hate to tell you this bro,but you ain't peter pan,but you sure are lost.come back to the light.next,you need to gain about 30 pounds.this anorexic skeleton look you got going on ain't working.and damn fool get a tan! No one likes to see a pasty faced black man.it's not right.lastly,get rid of the monkey.as long as it's still around people are going to continue seeing you as a carnival side show freak.so there you have it mike,follow these simple instructions.BAM! Instint success.

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