27 September 2008

trust conservatism!

with all this craziness going around the housing crisis.people are confused and asking,who do I trust?.democrats or republicans,liberals or conservatives?.the answer is simple.trust conservatism.conservatism when practiced is the same as abstinance,it works everytime.the dems want this 700 bil deal something fierce.why because they see it as a cashcow.if it works out the way they planned it,700 bil turns into 2 tril.and with in control of congress and having the presidency they will expand government to a never seen before monster.think of it like this fannie/freddie are the hulk,this plan is the abomination,the hulk on steroids.you will be looking at nationalized everything.the dems say it is not a bailout,the catchphrase they are using is "bringing liquidity to the market".you see "mainstreet" runs on credit,without money,there can be.no credit.as you know the largest bank in the U.S. Went bankrupt(Washington mutual)this happened because investers(you,me,and anyone else who had monies in this bank)pulled out of wamu to the tune of 100mil.so the bank couldn't cover their assets,so j.p. Morgan,chase bank basically made a deposit,thereby covering all remaining assets.which is why you still have money in your account.now the fed does not have 700bil to cover this deposit,so they have to borrow it,where do you think they will get it from?hmn.now I stated earlier,always trust conservatism,Reagan conservatism,that is.cut spending,cut taxes!you want liquidity,I will give you instant liquidity.pay attention,this is brilliant.first,we don't need to put ourselves into even greater debt by borrowing money.so don't do it.second cut the capital gains and corporate taxes from 25%cap/15%Corp to zero for the next two years.this is as long as they believe it will take for the markets to get back to normal.without this greedy government confiscating all this cash,the markets will have instant money,thereby making themseves fluid again.and we,the taxpayer don't have to foot the bill.and third,without this money,government can't keep spending what it doesn't have.think about this for a second,please,this very important.would you lend money and not expect it to be paid back?if they borrow,we pay,do you think they will cut you a dividends check she they get that 2tril?.you will never see any of that money come back to you,they will use it to expand government and give them more control over our lives.the odds are 100-1 of taxpayers that DO NOT want this bailout.this bailout is not good for this country.

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