24 September 2008

Upon further review...

I was thinking about clay Aiken's gay or not gay dilema.and a couple of things struck me as odd.he never acted like all the other gay and lesbians in hollywierd.you know showing off,parading around so that all can see their gayness.also he decided to adopt a baby with a woman,not another man.lastly he a a basic fundamental belief in god.he totally goes against the entire gay and lesbian system.the media,and in his case,the paparazzi also have been hounding him to know end for the last 5 years.in 5years I think they could have found at least 1 lover of his.but there is nothing.there is a difference between being gay and having gay feelings.clay needs to get a little deeper with his faith.homosexuality is a sin like all other sins.contrary to what the kooks believe,one is not born that way.the fact that it is a sin,means that he can be forgiven of it.he needs to repent,meaning...turn from his way,and go in the opposite direction.that is how you define repentence.he must think of this sin like alcoholism,drug addiction,etc.some habits are easier to break than others so he might have to work at it.but the reward would be great.I think clay Aiken is just a little lost and confused.

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