26 September 2008

the house that tuna built

bill parcels,formerly of the giants,formerly of the patriots,formerly of the cowboys.is now the GM of the Miami dolphins.in week 3,the dolphins spanked the patriots.last season,I believe,they did not win there first game until week 13(dolphins).this shows you the man that parcels is.there is a reason why smash mouth coaches like parcels,ditka,gibbs,etc.don't fit in the NFL now.it's because of overpriced,glorified prima donnas.there fragile lil' feelings get hurt if you tell them something they don't like.the 90's cowboys were a perfect example of tough coaching.yes,a lot of their players had personal issues.but Johnson kept them in line.after Johnson left,the team went to crap.they managed to win one More super bowl.but in the end,they were self coached.switzer was a populist coach,he wanted to be liked,instead of respected.now,here we are again.12 years since their last super bowl appearance.we have a lala coach(Phillips)don't get me wrong,I'm sure he's a heck of a coach,but still lala replacing parcels.parcels built this team,Phillips inherited from him.parcels is equal to johnson.Phillips is equal to switzer.there is a good chance the cowboys can return to the super bowl this year.but without a coach that is willing to get in their prima donna faces and be abrasive.they won't be as great a team as they could be.

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