01 October 2008

judicial activism

well,some crazy liberal activist judge in montana struck again against marriage,infavor of homosexuality.we saw this kind of activism earlier this year,here in California.the people voted 73% in favor of keeping marriage as between a man and a woman.3 activist judges in the state supreme court decided it was in constitutional.so they struck it down,and started marrying gays and lesbians.against the will of the people.in Montana,we has a lesbian couple,in which one of the women had children.they seperated and the woman with the children got married to a man.well the other woman sued for custody.and won.a woman with absolutely no biological ties to the kid(s) was given custody.this is where we are headed when liberal activist judges decide what they believe is right for us.it's a slippery slope from here,and is only going to get worse.the founding fathers of this country saw the possibility of this happening.which is why they created the three branches of our government.expressly for this reason.so that one branch cannot have all the power.what we have here is an alegarchy.defined as the rule of many,by a select few.judges are appointed for life,they are not elected officials.which is why who we elect as president matters.many people don't know that these judges can be removed from office.congress can remove them with a super majority vote to dismiss them.the only problem is,these are the kinds of judges that the democrats want in place.those who will enforce their liberal views through the courts.it realty is a shame that this country is losing itself.I've heard it said,America cannot be defeated from outside forces,it will be defeated from within.a kingdom divided,cannot stand.

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