02 October 2008

murphy's law

if sh!t happens,so does murphy's law.and always at the wrong time.on the eve of my big move.while brushing my teeth this morning,I bent over to spit,and BAM!!!!!!the left side of my lower back seized up on me.I mustered all my strength to finish getting ready to go to work.stupid machismo.I go to work,I got the bends something fierce.my mentallity,take two tylenol,rub some icy-hot,and walk it off.to make a longer story a little shorter,it didn't happen.I was in such bad shape my boss had to drive me to the doctor(where I was prescribed some pretty good stuff,if you know what I mean).done with the doc,I was miss daisyed over to the x-ray labs so they can irradiate me.good thing I already have all my kids.give me a few hours and I'll be seeing purple flying elephants,and feeling no pain.hooah!

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