18 October 2008

colon Powell

politico reported earlier that retired(emphasis on tired)colon Powell is considering supporting Obama.so what,big deal.so here's another black man supporting another black man running for office.this is nothing new.they (blacks) support other blacks(in the democrat party) to the tune of 90%.so who gives a rats behind if he goes obama's way.as if his military service will give credibilty to Obama.Powell was worthless as secretary of state.I blame much of the problems that occured in Iraq(post war)on him.he was the country builder,that was his job.but he was too busy trying to tell others(ruhmsfeld)how to fight the war.so after we kicked their a$$es(Iraq's).we had no policy ready to implement.why do you think he just up and quit like he did.he dropped the ball,and left a big pile of poopoo for rice to clean up.his endorsement is worthless,and gives nothing to Obama.

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