16 October 2008

what I learned...

I've learned a few things recently about blogspot.1).clevergirl is by far the most popular blogger here.so kudos to you clever,you go girl,get on with your bad self.i'm very new here,so you have no idea of who I am.with your 1500+ followers.I found other blogs I would like to follow from your followers.so thanks : ) 2).it really is hard to find bloggers that you want to follow,ones that get you interested.it's kinda like finding a mate going through the personals.all you get is a name and
a short description.it's hit and miss,with a lot of missing.3).the vast majority of bloggers seem to me,to be,women.so I'm a man living in a woman's blogworld.that's cool,maybe I can break the "glass ceiling" and make it to the top of bloggers.I wonder though...hhmmnn...***still wondering*** will I get paid less,because I'm a man? although I'm doing the same work?.

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