16 October 2008

going stir crazy

a few weeks ago I threw my back out,so I thought.now in the tender care of a chiropractor,I find out that I have a slight spinal disc degeneration in my lower lumbar area.yea,who knew.it appears that after 39 3/4 years on planet earth,beating my body into submission to work beyond it's normal limitations.it had enough.I am thankfull,that it's only "slight" if you call 25% slight.but I am able to walk and function,only with pain.the worst is while I sleep.sleep is when your body restores,heals,regenerates,and rejuvenates itself.this is not so,in my case.I have not gotten a good,all night sleep in over 3 years.i wake up every couple of hours due to the pain,and am always tired.but hey I'm alive and semi-functioning.so I'm happy about that.the chiro says I can be fixed,even good as new(thank god),just gonna take a lil' time.I have been off work for the last 2 1/2 weeks,and don't know what to do with my time.I'm so used to working,that this time off is driving me crazy. so peeps,take care of yourselves,the pain in your backs might not be muscular,but spinal.oh yea watch your feet.I've learned that I have very flat feet.flat feet lead to a lot of problems such as back pain,neck pain,joint pain,bad posture,and some other stuff.so check out your feet also.ttyl.

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