16 October 2008

stick a fork in em'

hello dear readers,are your minds still open?.the democrats,thinking that they've got this election in the bag are starting to move.pelosi and Reid,along with the Obama campaign are putting together a plan to convene congress right after the election.some stating that bush and Cheney should just move out already.the very first thing on their agenda is to reinstate the ban on offshore drilling.my friends,the American people demanded,and still do,that we "drill here,drill now".we understand our need to be energy independent.if ANWR,alomg with the alska,California,florida coasts.put together with oilshale were opened up we would have MORE oil than the middle east combined.put this together with newer,cleaner coal mining(we are the Saudi Arabia of coal),nuclear power.we can be completely independent within 10 years.did you know,we can have NEW oil within 3 years?.the ONLY reason why the demcrats say 10,is because of all the lawsuits brought on by the environmental wackos,who up until today have even prevented us from drilling in our leased land.remove the regulations,remove the wackos,we can have new oil in 3 years.it is the democrats that claim to own compassion for the middle class.to coin a phrase "they feel your pain" if they cared as much as they claim to,why do they always set up these road blocks,and prevent prosperity.they spark out of both sides of their mouths.they claim to care,then pass legislation that is worthless.beware,the double speak.

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