17 October 2008

the bionic man?

remember way back when,there was a citcom named "the bionic man".you member,Steve austin,no not stone cold.anywho,he got all jacked up,and they rebuilt him.we can make him faster,we can make him stronger...you member.well...that's not me :.( I'm more like the aluminum foil man.probably worth more recycled than new.after my chiropractic adjustment today,my doc gave me the big financial hit.$6500 for 91 adjustment,taking about 2 1/2-3 years to finish.I guess nobody told her(chiropractor) that we're in an economic downturn.i offered her my firstborn,but she wasn't buying.cash,check,or credit card.it was at this point where I mentioned the economic downturn.I said there is no credit out there.don't you watch the news?.at this she responded,"I guess than,you only have two options,so what will it be cash or check?".I reminded her again of option "A", being my firstborn.she still wasn't buying.I said,HEY,everythings negotiable.she said,this isn't the east L.A. swapmeet! pay up.so I pulled up my pants,forked over the cash,and said next,at least use some vaselline.sheesh!.

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