24 October 2008

one hard week

how's it going my peeps,I've been quiet all week.hope you all had great weeks.as for me it was tough.I went through what many others have gone through,the terrible experience of one of your children being in an accident.last Monday evening,as I was heading off to my chiropractors appointment.I saw a police car speed by my house,I didn't think anything about it at the time.so I took off.a minute or so later I heard sirens,didn't know where they were at,so as I passed by my block on the main street.I looked to the side,and there they were 5 blocks from my house.an ugly feeling came upon me,so I turned around and when I walked up to see what happened,there was my 10 year old son lying in the middle of the street.he was hit by a car.so I freaked,bad back and all,I ran back to my car and called everyone my parents so they could pick up my car.I rode in the ambulance with my son.thank god,my son walked away with only bruises and scratches.my wife and I spent a full 24 hours in e.r. with our son.when he finally came to.he didn't even know what happened to him,where he was at,why he was in so much pain.nothing.he's at home and being babyed by everyone.I am just so thankfull,because I saw others who were in the e.r. that were not so lucky.well ttyl.

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