16 October 2008

just call me mr.mom

after BMW-ing(bitching,moaning,and whining) earlier my wife said, "why don't you do some stuff around the house".you know,I'm all man...100% u.s.d.a. grade choice beef!,and the house,that's woman territory.eeeww,that's so sexist of me huh.anywho.I said "what do want me to do,BBQ all day,cause that's man territory(there I go again with that sexist stuff).she answered "think less tim the toolman,more cinderella".well,we all know who won this lil' arguement.that's right...her.so now she's got me in a skirt and apron.on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors,you know,she can lift my skirt anytime ; )
anywho,doing dishes,laundry,and get this...windows! I'd rather take my chances back at work.

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