12 October 2008

über sexy clooney

have you heard yet,über sexy george clooney is considering running for office.yes that's right,George was quoted as saying"I could never run run for office,because I've slept with too many women"" I've done too many questionable things in my life".nooo,he's not bragging,just telling the truth,yo!.anyway,he's reconsidered that decision.saying"since I've been so involved with obamas campaign",you know giving Obama counsel and all.the idea has grown on him.he said"don't be too surprised to see him in the senate some time soon"George,your too sexy for the senate,too sexy for the senate,you should be disco dancing!.if it were not for Hollywood being liberal,you would never find work again.your activism has tainted you,you're damaged goods.nobody watches your crappy movies,all your movies of late have bombed.this is irrelevent,I know,he will still make movies,because Hollywood will still employ him.even though his movies bomb.while I'm here I will tell you the outcome of another movie soon to be released."religiosity"or something of the sort.it was made by bill mahr.who I cannot say anything good about,because he is just the biggest slimebag there is.nancy pelosi's book sales would be considered a grand success compared to this garbage.that is how bad this movie will be."glitter and gigli" would be re-classified as masterpieces compared to this garbage.bill Mayr is a fool amongst fools,ranking among the best of them like rosie,joy behar,whoopie,garrufalo,etc.you know,world class fools.but I digress.anywho,good luck George,you're gonna need it,because you're not as popular or loved as you think you are.

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