14 October 2008

goodby democracy?

dear readers,we are witnessing history in the making.this upcoming election will literally determine the future of this country.democacy as we know it is under attack.your ability and mine to live and speak freely.if you are willing to accept what I have to offer,and read with an open mind.there are numerous reports of Obama's thuglike practices throughout this campaign.censureship,filing of lawsuits to shut up journalist's that dare question obama's background,D.A.'s along with chief's of police threatening to arrest and convict anyone THEY believe speaks lies about Obama,Obama,himself saying he would dismaantle the military,and replace it with a civilian police force,as large as,and equal to the military.what would they be used for?,perhaps to enforce his will on the people.he's already doing it to a certain degree.give him the presidency,and you can kiss all your freedoms goodby,that is of course,unless you agree with him.this democrat party wants to run everything ,they own the housing market,the banking system,they want control of healthcare,education,(did you know,in some 2008 literature school books,they have 15 pages dedicated to Obama.nothing on McCain,Clinton,or bush,15 pages).maxine waters(D),during the oil industry witchhunt,said her and her party is all about "SOCIALIZING",and taking over the oil industry.Obama,himself answered a question from a plumber yesterday."why do you want to punish me,by raising my taxes?" Obama "it's not that I mean to punish you,it's you know just about fairness,and spreading the wealth".my friends this democrat party wants to own you,and every aspect of your life,from cradle to grave.this is not democracy,it is totalitarian,communistic,socialism.when Obama rips America,denegrating it,then praises countries like communist china,and dictatorship Venezuela,can't you see what a huge problem we have here,right now,facing us.the very basis on which this country was formed is being threatened,the very fabric of our existence.this is not hyperbole,I'm not being overdramatic.Obama,wants this election bad,or should I say the people who are behind him do.we know who they are.George works,geffen,moveon.org,Jeremiah wright,phlager,ayers,acorn,his wife,the ACLU,NAACP.every single one of these people and organizations hate America,and have formed and groomed the man you see today that is Barak Obama.please help save America,vote for McCain/palin.

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