18 October 2008

I need a shot of testosterone!

let's see,my day started off last night.my wife kept bugging me all night long to go with her on her first business meeting,since starting with her new company.it continued up until 7:00am,when she woke me up to continue with the nagging.finally I succumbed under her tremendous pressure.we showed up a little early,relaxed at the table,had a few horchatas,and waited,and waited,and waited.I'm sorry let me give a little background info.she went to meet a prospective customer at a restaurant called "hecho en Mexico" by the way,if you like Mexican food(good Mexican food),you will love this place.it's located in the city of el sereno,on Huntington dr. s at 4976.I highly reccomend it.back to my story.the prospect was a now show.we spent an hour and a half there.it was not a total loss,we had a great meal,and now got the hookup there. : ) my peeps,it was a marathon of a day.after that I had to do my husbandly duty and go shopping(all day shopping!).first it was to the t-mobile store where we added two more lines for our two teenage boys,then it was on to Burlington coat factory,where somehow I ended up holding her purse.note to men:while holding your wife,or girlfriends purse,never walk away!.I got some strange looks from people.even if it is a dooney & burke.upon noticing the stares,I spoke real load to my 10 year old. "WHERES YOUR MOM,LETS GO FIND HER".so after re-assuring everyone within talking distance of my manhood,we went off in search of my wife.after that ordeal,we had to stop at rubi's foster freeze.because I wanted a strawberry shake,a mansized extra large strawbery shake.after I pounded it,recovered from my brainfreeze,it was off to the "avenue" then " kut-n-beauty" where wifey and I got a cut.the time is now around 7:30-ish and were hungry.so we head off to another great Mexican restaurant."little Mexico".also highly recommended.this one is in E.L.A. Whittier blvd. and. clela(I think).we had super fajitas for two(steak,shrimp,fish,chicken,veggies,potatoes,rice beans,tortillas...mmm,mm,mm,mm,mm...: ) the time is now about 8:30-ish,we swing into commerce,pick up our teens,go back home to pico.10:00p,I'm dyeing my wifes hair.finally,I'm done,laying in bed and sharing my eventful day with all of you.hope you all had great days also.hey fantabulous,get a big push broom,open the front door,and push all that stuff outside.movings done!.

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