12 October 2008

stoopid cowboys

Week six in the NFL is caput.my cowboys are 4&2 with their loss in overtime to the cardinals.too little,too late.no,just a very bad case of tony romo.in every game,with the exception of game 1,romo has screwed up.throwing interceptions,fumbling the ball.it's his fault,his fault alone.he puts the team in these bad situations,and if he gets them out,he's considered to be the hero.give me a break.what good is having all this talent,if you always blow it.this team is the best cowboy team to be assembled in over ten years,but they still don't clare to the cowboy team of the nineties.i don't know what else can be done about romo.3 years on the bench,1 1/2 years as a started,and still making all these mistakes.I can know understand why he went undrafted.if I were him,I would be afraid for my job.jerry jones does not suffer failure for long.he didn't get to where he's at by doing so.the cowboys don't really have a good backup to romo,I think JJ will start looking into that.put a little fear into romo.maybe that will motivate him to play better.

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