17 November 2008

like it should be

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend of mine earlier today.we dicussed prop 8.me being for it,her against it.it was very civil,considering the polarizing nature of the topic.I later began thinking,how is it that such things can get so crazy.especially homosexuality.it is not just a cause,it's gotten a life of it's own.people can't seperate themselves from their beliefs.if you speak against one,you speak against the other.it is literally taken personally.as a Christian I have caught grief for this.you know I'm a hater.I hate gays and I don't want them to be happy or equal to me,well because they are beneath me.this could not be further from the truth.I just come at this from a different perspective.which is,homosexuality is just another sin.like adultery,theft,etc. I believe there is an absolute truth in this life.it is not relative,or semantics.I know,who am I to judge them,to tell them that what they are doing is wrong.but in truth,I judge no one,god is the one true judge.whether you believe in him or not.you know there are people out there that believe it is okay to have sex with children and babies.to have sex with animals.to them truth is relative,they believe it's okay,so who am I say different.raping murderers in jail despise child molestors.and when given the chance will kill them on sight.is this not,mere moral equivalence.there must be absolute truth.good and evil.I think it was Orwell who wrote "without god,anything goes".do homosexuals say rape is wrong,child molestation is wrong?.do they think it.if an initiative was placed on a ballot to legalize child moestation of boys(I say boys,because there is a real group,that believes it is okay for this to take place).would they vote against it?.would they be considered "haters".they want what homosexuals want. "equality".they want this practice to be as widely accepted as homosexuality.they too want to "come out of the closet".and make you accept them,not tolerate them,but accept them.if you don't they will attack you,if you say anything against them it will be considered hate speach.if you don't accept them you will be a bigot and man-boy lover-aphobe.they are truly watching,and waiting to see the outcome in this political battle concerning gays and lesbians.I believe this should not even be a political issue.it didn't belong in politics.it always has been and should have remained a moral issue.you don't have to believe in god,let alone accept his statutes.we all have free will.in saying that,nobody should have the power to impose their will on anyone else.the right to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness is ours for the taking.but must be done within the
parameters of the laws that govern it.

the group I spoke of is NAMBLA
north American man boy love association

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