05 November 2008

let's talk candidly

prop 8,which passed last night.is not a ban on gay marriage.but a true definition of what marriage is.whether you like it,accept it,or not.it was instituted by god.it is the joining of a man and woman before god.but let's put that aside,and simply talk politically about this.because that it what was at stake.I'm not to good with time so I'm not sure if it was the last presidential election,or last mid-term elections.all across the the country,the people voted on a marriage definition initiative.most,if not all past.to have marriage as between a man and woman.earlier this year,the California supreme court.decided that the people did not know how to govern themselves,so they decided 4-3 to legalize gay marriage.directly against the will of the people.I thought we lived in a democracy,or does democracy only count if you are a liberal democrat.I use this terminology,because the media is reporting it as a conservative victory.I heard no outcry whatsoever from the ACLU,NAACP,or any other civil rights groupwhen these 4 judges overthrew the will of the people.this initiative was not even about the rights of marriage.gays and lesbians already have all the same rights.not all Herero's get married,some have civil unions,some are common law,still others elope.all are still recognized as legal unions.why is that not good enough for those gay and lesbian advocates.you put your initiative on the ballot,the people speak,and that's it.if you lose,you lose.if you win,you win.why do you have to resort to lawsuits,and activist judges who make up law according to their beliefs.Obama won the election,you expect me to just take it,to accept it.my guy lost,too bad,too sad.why can't gays and lesbian advocates do the same?.if Obama had lost,all who supported him would have gone ape$h!t.you know this is true.because it happened with both Kerry and gore.yet you see no ape$h!tting with republicans,because their guy lost.I bring this back to democracy.is it only for democrats,or for all Americans.

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