19 November 2008

I found my happy place

okay,I'm calm,cool,and collected.I'm going to continue on from my last blog.if the mayor of los angeles,and governor of the state want to march,and file suits with the anti-prop 8 people that is fine with me.if they desire to be activist/lobbyist's they must first resign from their positions as mayor and governor.they were elected to represent all the people,not a vocal and violent minority.the same thing goes for those in the city assembly that voted to push for lawsuits.resign your positions,then you can march up and down city streets to your hearts content.

when will the non-militant anti 8 people realize that those whom they support(the people and party of "tolerance") have absolutely zero tolerance for those who do not agree with them.you are witnesses now to how they feel about them.by remaing silent,you are guilty by association,and thereby support their militant tactics.even the getaway driver in a bank robbery is guilty of robbing the bank.I know for a fact that not all those who are against prop 8 are as extreme as those you see in the news.fear is why you wont stand up.fear is what keeps good people from being witnesses in gang crimes.you know full well,if you stand up,they will turn on you and do to you,what they do to their enemies.the anti-8 people demand that you bow down to their oppressive will,and will not stop until they accomplish their states goal.

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