11 November 2008

somebody please

can somebody please tell this buffoon of a governor,that we don't need to be taxes more!.if he wants to tax someone,he should tax the money sent back to Mexico,by illegal aliens working "under the table".last year 20 billion untaxed American dollars were sent back to Mexico.20 billion taxed at 10% -2 billion for our treasury.while you're at it,remind him,the one thing that got him elected in the first place.was his promise to repeal the triple rate car registration tax that Davis imposed on us.so don't hike our rates now.and last but definitely not least.we have a vast resource of wealth off our coast's.if he schwarzennegger would take his head out from of his behind,he might get a clue.the American people want us drilling our own oil,to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.it's just a fringe benefit of having the oil in your backyard,that you get a cut out of the profit.don't you think this income will help.this fool thinks he is re-electable,if he so chooses to run again.whether he does or doesn't,the financial problem will still be there,unless something is done now.and I'm not talknig about taxing the states citizens into oblivion.

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