03 November 2008


tomorrow is election day.so please exercise your constitutional right,and vote.as Obama suggest's.vote early,vote often,vote in different cities,counties,states(where applicable),vote if your alive,or dead.just vote.seriously folks,voting is not a joke.so please vote.
on a side note I joined noblopomo(national blog posting month).you are supposed to write a blog a day for the month of November.I tried logging into my noblopomo account today.but could not get in.probably because of my stupid iPhone.like I said,I have a love hate relationship with my phone.I do all my blogging from it.which explains why my blog home and blogs themselves are plain,to say the least.I really would like to add pics,links,and totally trick out my home page.my page should read "ramblingman168:blogging on the go".I attempt to blog as I speak,or should I say think.which is why my blogs might seem to be somewhat eratic.hence the name "ramblingman".a gift to me fr my ever so loving wife.I don't know the rules to noblopomo all that well.if I have to blog using their domain,or if this blog here counts.as for me,this is number three,for day three.

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