05 November 2008

token black president

in the movie industry they have something called the "token black guy".we now have a "token black guy" as president.this election was all about race.and nothing more.racist's for Obama,racist's against Obama,and undecided racist's.now that Obama has been selected,where do we go now.what do we do now.there are those who believe in his ideaology,those who don't know his ideology,those who don't care about his ideology.all these voted for him.there is an old saying, "be carefull of what you wish for,you just might get it".those who voted for him,not knowing,caring,or hoping that he won't be as bad as claimed he would be.beware of buyer's remorse.I hope he won't be as bad as I know he is.but I did nor vote for him.so I do not,and will not regret my vote later on.so,in 2010 when the bush tax cuts expire,and your marginal rate goes up to 39.9%..don't start crying.jsut so you know,everyone that works pays on the marginal scale.capital gains are what small business pays,and corporate are what big business pays.last but not least,for all those who would dare to call me a hater.I call you a hypocrite.you have ripped my president for the last 8 years,via movies,music,the educational system,media.I have put up with your garbage all this time.so knick off!.

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