15 November 2008

batman or superman ?

batman or superman,who's the greatest superhero?.I believe I'd is batman.my 15 year old says superman.so in my own biased opinion,I will state why batman is the greatest superhero.yes,superman has powers,but he also has 2 huge weaknesses.1). cryptonite,even in small amounts it is deadly to him.2). he's not all that bright,always choosing to rush in.superman's greatest enemy was a human(with superior intellect).which leads me to batman.it is in fact batman's superior intellect that makes him the best.to create weapons,come up with tactics.sheer brute strenghth doesn't match up to intellect.never has,never will.also look at batman foes,all of them were criminal masterminds.just to prove my point even more.if you look at ALL "justice leagues" past and present,superfriends,what have you.batman was always the leader.see,brains over Brawn.

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