17 November 2008

time to boycott!!!

there is a decades old war in America.between Christians and Christianity and those who hate them.it started many years ago with "seperation of church and state".a catchphrase turned into mantra to demonize the enemy,just like "swiftboating".this was done to get Christians out of politics.Christianity IS a part of this country.this country was founded on it's principles.whether you like it or not.but there are those(who are in a minority,and behind closed doors) are trying to remove god from this country.they have removed Christmas and Easter vacations from our schools,removed praying and taking a bible on campus.you cannot teach any of it's principles.in gov.you can't even say "merry Christmas",you cannot wear red and green colored clothing during this time.they have removed crosses off gov. seals.Christians have been labeled "haters" because we are finally starring to defend ourselves in the political arena.parents are being told they have no rights over what their children are being taught.once they cross the threshhold onto campus.they belong to the gov.there is no thing as parental notification on questionable subjects,no "opting out".so now we are coming upon the "holidays".yes there are a few holidays bunched together.but only one where you buy gifts to give.that is Christmas.this is where the boycotting comes in.ANY store whose policy is to remove Christmas.do not buy there.if as a christian,you are celebrating the birth of your lord and saviour.do not give your hard earned money to a business that rejects what you stand for.let the secular world prop them up.there are businesses out there that believe in Christmas.the bottom line is you do not have Christmas without Christ.let's show the "Christian haters" that we can use the same tactics as they do.only without threats,intimidation,or violence.we don't have to stand outside of their businesses with signs and attack those who patronize their establishment.we can still send a strong message to these people.if you want our business you must tolerate our beliefs.in any business out there,you can't put down your customers and still expect them to buy from you.this is what happens at Christmas time.Christians are spat in the face,being told I don't believe your Christian garbage.but give me your money anyway.enough is enough.let's show the world we are real,and we mean business.yes the world.Christmas is celebrated all around the world.and there are Christians in every nation.

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