10 November 2008


what is it with these darn NFL coaches that keep playing from the same script?.are they incapable of learning?,or doingsomething unconventional?.I swear,these guys are so predictable.whisenhunt,coach of the Arizona cardinals,almost cost his team the game tonight.why because of predictable,stupid play calling.Phillips,coach of the Dallas cowboys,did the same thing against the eagles.it's not that hard to understand,yet they don't.if your team is controlling the game,you don't just try to kill some time,then play prevent football.where is the logic in giving your opponent a chance to score a game winning drive?you have the ball and momentum,you ram it down there throats!.for those whondont know what I'm talking about.this is it.when there is less than 3 minutes or less in the game.all you need is 1 first down,instead of going fir it,you play conservative,you don't get the first down and you end up punting.the other team now has a chance to score the go ahead td or field goal.my point being,all you need is 1 first down,than you can take a knee,and run out the clock.you are in control of the game.in tonight's game the 49ers came within 2 yards of winning the game.my beef is still,why even give them that chance,when all you needs was a freaking first down.

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