09 November 2008

knott's was off the hiz-zie

wassappening my peeps?.just wanna give y'all the 411 on knott's yesterday.it was dope!.me,the wifey,my 10 year old(he made a speedy and full recovery from his boy meets car incident).also with us was my 22 year old son.you know we(the wifey and i) had such a hard time finding a teen willing to go with us.my 22 year old was the last minute choice.you see my 10 year old is one crazy mofo,just like his pops.because of this,my 14 and 15 year old boys,my two 13 year old nephews did not want to go.they were all afraid to go on the big boy rides.so it worked out perfect with my 22 year old.we got there right at 10:am,we went all around the park,starting in camp snoopy,ending at ghost rider.my boys hit every ride.the lines didn't start forming untill around 2:pm.I have to say,only one thing brings me more joy than yesterday,and that's Christmas.there is nothing more joyful to me,than watching my children unwrap presents on Christmas morning.but this was close.to see the expressions on my son's face after he got off the rides.priceless.we stayed for 10 hours,and boy were my dogs barking.man,my feet hurt.needless to say,we all,were asleep by the time our heads hit our pillows.

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