12 November 2008


I just got back from delusional city,in the land of daily kos.I read a blog written by parker2001.inhis blog he is angry at the msm for doing interviews(too many) of governor palin.this same msm that had multiple orgasms over the past two years over Obama.in this persons mind the tingling sensations running down matthew's legs are gone.and they(msm) are an "official arm"of the republican party.LOL!,I'm sorry I can't help myself.this is ludicrous.this is the same media that did everything in it's power to destoy this woman.now the are an official arm of the republican party.Parker goes on to say that he is increasingly furious,because in his mind.they are giving gov. palin more air time than Obama.might I remind parker,this is the same msm that did absolutely nothing to vet obama.and when anything questionable came up.they covered for him,or just ignored it all together.i have noticed that the press is in it for themsevles.yes they have chosen who's side they want to be on.and are 100% completely biased.but they still want to be relevant.they want to be important.they helped get Obama elected,that was their goal.they pat themselves on the back for that.but they don't want to share in his presidency.the dirty secret is,they know full week who this guy really is.and what havoc he is going to wreak on this nation.and that,they want no part of.don't get me wrong,they will still do everything they can to help Obama,for as long as they can.bit when "it" hits the fan.they will jump ship.you are already seeing a distancing.matthew's,and brokaw saying "they don't know who this guy is,nobody knows who this guy is(although they really do).and another reporter saying Obama is "creepy".Parker,live in reality,the "historic" part is over.gov.palin is a threat to you and your party.because she is a true conservative.despite what you hear from your peers,there was no mandate for Obama.republicans were punished by their own.obama only got 52% of the vote,bush got 51% in 2004.yet with bush,the country was divided,and Obama,the country is united?.I don't think so.and another thing the single most important issue that put Obama over the top...tax cuts!.he had to pretend to be conservative in order to win.the majority of people believed they are going to get a tax cut from this guy.gov.palin really believes in them,and is not lying just to get you to vote for her.

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