01 November 2008

my first time

believe it or not,at the tender age of 39 years,11 month's old,I,ramblingman am going to my first Halloween party.yes it's true,I am a Halloween party virgin.who would have thought.maybe they can make a movie about me."the almost 40 year old Halloween party virgin".naah.the party theme is 60's-70's era.with all the hippies,disco,pimps to go around I had a hard time trying to figure out what I would be.I originally chose "Austin powers",with my wife being "foxy cleopatra".unfortunately that didn't work out.so my wife is going as a mod chick,and I shall be "ozzy".I guarantee I will be original.im not talking best costume or anything like that.it's very basic,black shirt,jeans,fake hair,glasses,and painted nails.oh yea,I will have "ozzy",fake tattooed on my fingers.I know it's a day after Halloween,but what better time to have a costume party,than on a saturday,and a standard time change day to boot.oh yea,an extra hour to party.john travolta's got nothing on me,I can do the "Carlton" like nobody's business.I'll be on the floor all night long(isn't my wife lucky).I know,truly blessed!.well...party if ya got em.

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