18 November 2008

thare be pirates out there!

did you know there are honest to god real pirates out there today.I'm sure they're not the swashbuckling type.but they are real nonetheless.they took over a Saudi oil cargo ship,while on the seas.I believe they are holding the crew to ransom.if the ransom is not paid,they would either run the ship aground(spilling all it's cargo),run the ship aground and blow it up,or just spill it's cargo in the open seas.the ship was carrying I belive 200 million gallons of oil.environmentalist's say,if run aground this spill would make the exxon valdes look like nothing in comparison.did I mention,there are real pirates out there.this looks like a job for the navy "seals".to go in there and bust a few caps in these pirate @$$e$!!!.

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