18 November 2008

now I'm pissed!

I live in the city of L.A. and I hate the mayor.he is an incompetent fool.who has driven this city into the ground.and he's not even here half the time.this ex gang member,4 time bar flunky,adulterous whore wants to tell us what Jesus would do.in regards to prop 8.this fool doesn't know the first thing about Jesus.he has no business speaking for him.it's obvious to me he has never even read the bible,because he has no idea of what hell he is talking about.try reading Romans chapter 1,idiot.yes, I'm pissed off!.all you god hating,Christian hating people,you who attack us on a daily basis.who reject god and his statutes.want to speak on his behalf.shut the hell up!.your time,mayor is coming up soon.you will not be re-elected.walter Moore is going to take you down.and the press cannot ignore him because he made enough campaign money to get matching funds to put him on the stage with your sorry @$$!.when you're gone don't forget to take that other idiot with you,schwarzennegger.you may have only screwed up the city,this guy screwed the whole state.

again,yes,I am pissed off!!! how dare anyone who hates and rejects god and his statutes dare to speak on his behalf!!!!

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